MVD Now issues secure identification cards to help protect New Mexicans from identity theft. New Mexico is changing the documentation requirements for issuing driver’s licenses and non-driver identification cards in order to comply with the federal Real ID Act of 2005. MVD Now can help you acquire your REAL ID or non-REAL ID State ID card. If you have any questions, contact your DMV specialists today! If you apply for a New Mexico identification card, you will be issued a temporary ID card while your regular ID card is being processed and mailed. Your old New Mexico driver license or an old ID card, it will be voided and may be used in conjunction with the temporary ID card, for up to 45 days from the date of issue.

Please note:
•   If you cannot provide proof of lawful status you can only apply for the non-compliant card.

Please view our “New Mexico REAL ID – Make One, Quick Trip Help Sheet & Resource Guide” we made for you! 

To obtain a REAL ID identification card, you will need to bring the following documents to any MVD Now:

For a Driver Authorization Card (DAC) or a non-compliant ID, you will need to bring these documents to any MVD Now:

Note: If you cannot provide proof of lawful status you can only apply for the non-compliant card, but still need the same documents as REAL ID

Important Name Change Information for IDs

  • If your identity document (passport, birth certificate, social security card, etc.) contains your CURRENT legal name, you do not need to provide proof of a name change.
  • If your proof of identity document does not contain your current full legal name, you must show different official documents that fully reflect any name change you’ve had. These official documents can be a court order, marriage certificate, divorce decree, adoption records, etc.
  • If you’ve had multiple name changes, you will need to present official documents for each name change. All divorce decrees must reference the maiden name or former name before marriage.
  • If your passport or identity document is current with your legal full name, there’s no need to provide proof of a name change.

Renewing New Mexico ID Card

If you are renewing your current New Mexico identification card to obtain a REAL ID identification card or a non-compliant identification card, it’s the same instructions as above.

FAQs About NM State REAL ID Cards

Q: What is REAL ID?

The Real ID Act of 2005 is legislation passed by the Congress and signed into law on May 11, 2005, by former President George Bush due to the terrorist attacks of 2001. REAL ID helps carefully validate people’s documentation that proves one’s identity, age, and place of residence. These REAL IDs are designed to follow federal requirements established by the Secretary of Homeland Security to board aircraft, enter federal buildings, and other instances of federal access.

Q: When did the law go into effect?

January 2013

Q: Do I need a REAL ID? 

If you intend to use your driver’s license or identification for official federal purposes.

Q: What are official federal purposes?

Some examples of official federal purposes include, but are not limited to, boarding a domestic flight, entering a federal building, or military base.

Q: What if I can’t provide proof of legal status or I don’t want or need a REAL ID for official federal purposes?

New Mexico offers two driver’s license and ID options to choose to get: REAL ID or Driver Authorization Card (DAC)/non-compliant ID.

Q: Will my documents be accepted if they are not written in English?

The state does not allow us to accept a document in a language other than English without a full and complete translation that is certified by a translator. Documents not in English must be submitted with written translations of those documents in English. The translation must be certified by the translator as a full and complete translation of the document.

Q: Do I need to get a REAL ID right away?

You don’t have to. Your New Mexico’s Driver’s License will be sufficient until 2020, but after a State ID form of identification will be required. If you are renewing your driver’s license or getting a new one, you will either receive a REAL ID or a Driver’s Authorization Card.

New Mexico State Identification Cards

If you’re wanting to get your REAL ID or non-compliant ID card, come by MVD Now today. Call your DMV experts at 505-388-2757 or visit any of our MVD Now locations if you have any other questions regarding the NM state ID card process. Our DMV specialists are happy to help! We are here to answer every question and every uncertainty. Contact us today!