Here’s the quick and easy way to obtain your handicap placard–we will cover first-time handicap placard’s, renewals, and replacement handicap placards. In this video, we explain what you will need, whom it is for, and where you can get a certificate of eligibility for a parking placard.

First-time handicap placard: a first-time handicap placard is for a person with significant mobility limitation. You will need a certificate of application for a handicap placard and you must be present to take a picture. You can get a certificate of eligibility for a parking placard form online at or from one of our eight convenient locations.

Handicap placard renewal: Handicap placards may be permanent or temporary. Your doctor will determine the time the placard is valid. If the placard is temporary, you will need a new application in order to renew.

Replacement handicap placard: In order to get a handicap placard replacement you will need to fill out sections A, B, and E on the application. As well as have one of our friendly MVD Now agents take a picture for your replacement placard.

These are the requirements for the first time, renewal, and replacement handicap placards. Also, for more information, call us at 505-503-6496 to speak with one of our friendly DMV specialists. #OneQuickTrip