Are you or one of your children looking to get a New Mexico driver’s license? 🙂

Here’s some information on the MVD exams required to obtain a driver’s license. We will cover the written exam, none for the road test, and the road exam.

1. The Written Exam: This is a general knowledge exam. This exam is taken if you’re acquiring a first-time driver’s license or obtaining a learner’s permit for the first time. You can take this at any MVD Now.

2. None For The Road Exam: This is taken when you’re obtaining a first-time license and you are under the age of 25. You will need to take the exam online as a practice test (, where you will obtain a code. Then you will bring that code into MVD Now to take the final exam.

3. The Road Exam: This is taken if you’re obtaining a first-time driver’s license, acquiring a provisional license, or if you have not had a valid license in the last five years.

Go to for more information and resources on obtaining your New Mexico driver’s license or permit! 🙂

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